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Summer 2021 • May-August

Get ready for #HotBeebooSummer with these silly friends

Pairs well with SocpensThinkingOfU

Beeboo, ready for summer fun!

A seasonal twitch emote

Pride Collection • June Exclusive!

June is LGBT+ Pride Month! Celebrate with these seasonal Beeboos!

Lesbian Pride!

Genderfluid Pride!

LGBT+ Pride!

Pansexual Pride!

Bisexual Pride!

Nonbinary Pride!

Trans Pride!

Asexual Pride!

pearls to the players™

Beeboo Gacha is not responsible for any side effects caused by the use of this emote

Fall 2021 • Late November

Seasonally Silly!

Haha like the hit game Fall Guy haha lol

Ah shit how'd he get in there

Absolutely preposterous

'tis the season to be beeboo!


& A special Thank You to the following people for their Beeboo Contributions!:

Bucket - BeebooSummer, Bi Beeboo
Jay/Pumpkin- Ace, Pan, and Genderfluid Beeboo
Gunklefungus- Nonbinary Beeboo
Fern - Lesbian Beeboo

Suz - BeebooFall & the Fall image
Bucket - the BeebooCopia edit & Winter Beeboo